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About Us


The Future in Personal Care

At SASMAR®, we make the best personal lubricants in the world! Helping couples in more than 60 countries internationally connect with each other better and with our Conceive Plus brand - we are doing a great job increasing the fertility rate too. You can find our products in supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and drugstores in more than 60 countries. SASMAR® personal lubricants really help to make using condom a lot more pleasurable and that is why we are also the major supplier of personal lubricant sachets to non-government organizations - helping to reduce HIV and unwanted pregnancies in developing and third world countries.

Incorporated in Sydney in 2005, SASMAR® is now headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, London and Chicago. We're a fast growing company dedicated to delivering quality personal care products to consumers globally!