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Calories Burned During Sex

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Calories burned during sex

After a particularly sweaty session in the bedroom, you may have found yourself wondering, “Can I count that as my workout for the day?” As a matter of fact, sex (and all the surrounding activities) definitely burn some calories. The amount, of course, will depend on factors such as your weight and intensity, as for all exercise. It will also depend on whether you’re the more active or passive partner and how long the sex lasts. For most people, a sexy evening won’t burn as many calories as an hour at the gym. However, you can still burn enough to work off a snack or dessert.


Sex isn’t the only thing that burns calories; a long make out session before can burn off some fat while you get geared up. According to Woman’s Day, kissing will burn about 68 calories per hour, while heavy making out (think rolling around in bed) can burn up to 238.

Oral Sex

Performing oral sex can burn just as many (or even more) calories than full-on intercourse, apparently up to 100 calories for each half hour. If you’re on the receiving end, you probably aren’t burning many calories.

Manual Sex

If you’re ever felt your arm burning while giving a hand job, it’s probably won’t come as a surprise that manual sex burns calories too. You’re probably burning about 100 calories per hour.

Sex Itself

The number of calories you burn and type of exercise you get depend a lot on the position. Being on the bottom during missionary, for example, can work on your core muscles, and being on top will give your quads a great workout. Typically, sex burns approximately 144 calories per half hour. How many calories you actually burn will depend on your intensity and how long you’re going for. A 2013 study done by researchers at the University of Montreal, found that the average man burned 101 calories during sex, and the average woman burned 69 calories (seriously). This included calories expended during an entire sex session, including foreplay, which lasted for an average of 25 minutes.

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