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Sasmar Pina Colada Lubricant review

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"I love pina coladas and being intimate with my boyfriend, so when I was offered a discount on this personal lube in exchange for giving the company feedback, i said NO... at first! Because i really didn't feel like sharing such intimate details with the entire world, but figured meh, why not. Maybe my experience will be helpful to someone. Plus, its pina colada!!!!! I am going to tell you all exactly what I told my best friend when we talked about lubes the other day and I was telling her about this lube. It will make this a lot less awkward for me. And no, we don't sit around talking about lube all day, the subject was brought up because I asked her if she ever had bad experiences with flavored/scented lube. I have, and that is a story for another day, but I was curious about other females experiences. ANYHOW, i will move on now.
Ok, so im going to start off with some of your run-of-the-mill stuff. The scent is very nice! It actually smells like pineapple and coconuts! It does not have that "i just lubed" smell, you know that yucky synthetic plastic-ish scent that some drug store lubes come with. A smell that is almost gag worthy when it is in your face and it leaves you with that aroma on your lady bits until you can really get a good washing going on. I tried one drug store lube and it was like the scent was stained on me, i had to soak in a bubble bath for like 30 minutes to try and get the smell off of me! This lube is not like that at all. It washes of easily and is water soluble. There is no way to get rid of some of the drug store lube brand aroma with a quick rinse in the shower. Yes, I take a nice thorough shower after sex, but sometimes you are in a situation where there is no time for a nice soak and you really have to be fast about it. You have all been there, don't even judge LOL! Like i said, this lube washes off so fast and easy. It leaves no aroma or residue at all on your lady bits and that is very important for your vaginal health! No one needs their PH all thrown off.
This lube is condom safe and that is absolutely awesome! One must never compromise their safety for a little fun. It is very smooth and provides very nice lubrication. It is very silky and not at all sticky or messy. I am on a lot of prescription medication and one of the side effects is vaginal dryness. My boyfriend is also larger than what I am used too, so we do have to use lube so sex is not painful for either one of us. This has been a wonderful lube for our situation. After sex, i did not have any irritation on, in, or around my petunia. I did not feel itchy or tender down there, or yucky. We have used this lube 3 times now for vaginal intercourse with no issues at all for either one of us. He has not had any itching, redness or irritation on his penis or in his urethra either from this product. The last time we used a flavored/scented lube, he had a reaction to it and said it felt like someone shoved fire into his pee hole. It was a mint kind that we got at an adult shop. He was very nervous to try this product as you can imagine, but it all worked out fine! That same lube also left me with a yeast infection, there must have been something really wrong with it.
Another thing to note, our room smelled of pina colada after LOL! I must also mention that is has a very pleasant pina colada taste, although i do prefer to keep lube out of my mouth. While it did taste nice, it still had that distinct lube taste to it, but it wasn't bad at all! I did a "patch test" on one of my toys and it did not harm it at all. Im not sure what all else I can say about it to try and be helpful....
Also ladies, I know vaginal dryness can be a sensitive issue for some, but don't be embarrassed about it ladies, it is very real, very common and normal and happens to every one at some time or another and can be from almost anything. Your hormones, diet, where you are in your cycle, medications you are on. I feel like it would be irresponsible of me to not mention that vaginal dryness can also be a sign something is wrong, so always make sure to check with your doctor if something seems abnormal.....

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, I will try to help you as best as I can. I welcome all questions and comments! If you found this review helpful please click yes so I know I am on the right track, if this wasn't helpful to you at all, please comment and let me know how I can assist you further and so I can update my review to be more helpful for everyone.

As I said in the beginning, I received a promotional code to get a discount on this product in exchange for testing it out and giving my honest unbiased feed back. all my reviews are honest. I want to help people make informed shopping decisions. I do not get paid for leaving reviews, nothing happens to me bad or good for leaving a review regardless of whether or not it it positive. Just because I got something for cheap or free doesn't mean I have to like it. If you got a free sample at the grocery store and it tasted horrible, would you tell your friends it was great and to buy it just because they gave it to you for free? No, you wouldn't and I wouldn't either! Thank you for reading my review and happy shopping to all!"

By Your Review Lady on August 15, 2016 (Amazon.com)

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